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Diane K
Wellness journey I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Destin for over a year. Could not be happier with the results, as my pain issues are greatly reduced and longstanding digestive problems are more manageable. Destin is approachable, committed to his practice and freely shares his experiences and knowledge for the benefit of his patients. He understands the importance of balance in all things and practices it in his life as well. This is and continues to be an excellent experience.
Muriel Eley
patient . With Destins' knowledge and help I have a much better understanding of what acupuncture is and how it works. It has brought me great releif with my arthritis pain. Best of all it doesn't hurrt and I don't need to take those awful prescription drugs that my body doesn't deal well with. This will be a lifestyle plan for me. I highly recommend this for those with arthritis pain.
Tom C
Heartburn I had heartburn that was pretty intense and required daily medication. After just a few treatments with Destin I started to notice significantly less pain and discomfort. I was able to stop my medication and have been off it for 2 years at this point. I am very appreciative.
Julie S
Pain free! I first went to Destin for a pain in my foot! Drs said it was plantar fasciitis. After 2 years of pain and drs not helping a friend suggested seeing destin ... Well 2 visits later I was pain free! Unbelievable !! And as a waitress and a teacher the relief was welcomed! That was 2 years ago and since then my foot is still Pain free. I now continue to see Destin to help with some digestion issues I have developed, menopause symptoms and I love that he always "peppers" in other aches and pains on all my apt! I highly recommend giving acupuncture a try! Destin really listens and support his patients.
Nicole R
Great listener! There are few practitioners who listen as closely and patiently as Destin. I appreciate the time he spends listening, while never feeling rushed. Not to mention the relief I feel afterwards. Thank you!
Lois S
Acupuncture has made a big difference. My first experience with acupuncture was with a person out of state. That had worked so well that I wanted to continue treatment when I was in WNY. How pleased I am to have found Destin to work with. He first treated me for neuropothy issues. After several treatments, I saw my neurologist for a check up. He was surprised to find my problem had improved considerably. Of course I was pleased with that diagnosis. The following summer I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Destin and I had lots of conversations guiding me through diet and treatments. My oncologist and neurologist were both completely in favor of involving Destin in my treatment plan. They both said they wish all cancer patients could use acupuncture. I continue to work with Destin knowing just how much he has helped me. In addition to the results one can find with acupuncture, I have to commend Destin for being a wonderful person. He listens, he cares, and he knows his field. I would highly recommend that you consider Destin and acupuncture for a healthy body.
Joel R
Doctoring as it should be.! Knowledge, ability and a true concern for your well being. Along with a friendly smile and the will to listen to your thoughts are his strong suites. Not to mention every little waiting for your appointment.
Sandra M.
Thank you Destin I was just thinking this morning about the impact you have had on my life and that i wanted you to know that. not only am i in better shape physically, but I have learned so much from you in the time we have spent together. i have so enjoyed our many conversations about health, wellness and life. thank you so much for that.